InviPetals - Invisible Lift-up Plus-size Petals Shape Bra
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In the form of falling petals or water drops, The InviPetals Lift-up Bra perfectly embraces your breast aligned to US standard woman sizes.

InviPetals helps women of all shapes and sizes get their desired look. It offers ultimate support to lift your breasts and create natural cleavage. The result is a perky, full, and busty look that will give all women the confidence to wear any outfit.

Made of medical-grade material, they are guaranteed to be skin-friendly. They stick to your boobs well without falling off while remaining easy to remove. The invisible feature allows you to wear various outfits, even V-neck collar tops.


An amazing alternative to strapless bras or push-up bras, InviPetals comes in 3 different sizes that fit any woman with a cup size between A-F!


InviPetals is designed to be easily customized & fit your low-cut tops or dresses without losing its stickiness.

You could definitely scale down these InviPetals by cutting off the petals' edges according to the appearance of your dresses.


Our InviPetals are made with medical-grade silicone that does not cause skin irritation. They're also sweat-proof, with breathable material to let the moisture breathe out.


Make sure your breasts are completely dry and clean before use.

Do not apply moisturizers, lotion, or perfumes to your breasts before use.

Do not expose the bra to the sun. Let them dry naturally after washing.

Do not use it on damaged or inflamed skin.

Three Cup sizes & Adjustable features guarantee you find your perfect fit InviPetals!


  • Item Type: Bras
  • Cup Size: 1 - Fits A/B Cup (5"), 2 - Fits C/D Cup (5.7"), 3 - Fits E/F Cup (6.1")
  • Material: Spandex, High-quality, Silicone.

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Chloe J.
checkVerified Buyer
It’s miracle tape!!! I love InviPetals
It’s miracle tape!!! I love InviPetals
I just got done breastfeeding for 7 months and I’m currently in DDD— this dress had absolutely no support, and after getting it altered I realized I couldn’t wear a bra with it. INVIPETALS SAVED ME. This stuff sticks like super glue!!! I mean, you’ll have to soak in oil for a good hour in preparation for taking it off but my GOD. And it was really easy to use after watching the video. I wasn’t expecting the outcome I got. Thanks for giving a new mom some confidence.

Suzy Wegner
checkVerified Buyer
This was my first time using bra tape and omg I love it.
This was my first time using bra tape and omg I love it.
Love this product!!! So comfortable. I was feeling so confident without wearing a bra first time in my life. Buying another set. I am addicted to this great product😘

checkVerified Buyer
I will definitely be using this again!
I will definitely be using this again!
I have had issues in the past with other boob tape but this tape was absolutely amazing and held up the whole night. I typically have skin reactions to this type of product but everything was totally fine.
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