Braletone - Plus Size Wireless Front Zipper Comfort Bra
$24.99 $49.99

Only $12.5 for each - Set 4 pieces


"This is the most comfortable bra I've ever put on. Can't recommend enough"


-Kylie Watts-


You do not need an uncomfortable wired bra, because this Braletone is just as supportive. That is achieved by the 3D molded cup that keeps everything in place, and the wide underarms band that effectively distribute the weight of the breasts.


We understand all your bra problems, and we decided to bring a solution. Nothing about this bra causes discomfort. You can wear it every day, at home, at work, and you'll get the comfort you crave.


The Braletone's back is higher than regular bras so that it can smooth out lumps and bumps. We love to see you look flawless and confident in our bra.


Putting this bra on is easy because the zipper is at the front. A soft lining is added to the inside to prevent the zipper from scratching against your skin.


Our bra experts mapped this size chart according to the US standards with plus size options.


  • Material: 95% Cotton; 5% Spandex
  • Color: Beige/Pink/Purple/Plum
  • Size: M-7XL


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Ana Graham
checkVerified Buyer
Appreciate the comfort!
Appreciate the comfort!
I recently had a double mastectomy with expander reconstruction and was told to wear supportive sports bra-type bras 24/7 during my three-month expansion process. Most actual sports bras I tried were ridiculously uncomfortable and/or suffocating, but these Fruit of the Looms have been amazing. They're supportive yet soft and VERY comfortable, and I wear them day and night. They've accommodated me throughout my expansions, which I'm almost done with. I also feel like I look the most like the "old me" in them than im the many other far more expensive bras I've tried. I cannot emphasize how much I love these cheap lil bras. They've been a huge relief during a time where I'm adjusting to a changing body and looking for every way possible to be comfortable. HIGHLY recommend for post-breast surgery!

Sofia Thomas
checkVerified Buyer
Good bra for the price
Good bra for the price
You do not expect a wire-free bra to be super supportive. So this one provide some decent support. But it is so comfortable that I am wearing it every day. Got a 4-piece set, the color looks more beautiful in person and I love the pink one the most

Megan Robinson
checkVerified Buyer
Fits really well
Fits really well
I went through several bras before I found this one. They are so comfortable and exactly what I needed to recover. It’s a comfortable compression and the full coverage in the front and on the sides is perfect. I am a 38D
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